The advantages of including beets in the diet

Beetroot has characteristics that benefit people when consuming it. If someone wants to have positive health, along with a healthy diet, this food cannot be missing from the table.

This vegetable, technically called ‘Beta vulgaris’, It is a reddish and orange tuber in certain cases, which grows mainly in France, Spain and Italy, especially in the winter seasons. It has a thin peel that is easy to separate and a dense white pulp inside. This, according to the Cuerpo Mente web portal, is not fattening, being a healthy, light and satiating food.

Beet salad
Beet salad – Photo: freepik

In addition, it is a source of folic acid, like vitamin C and potassium. In its properties, it has a considerable amount of phosphorus; vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6; iron, and iodine. The latter are better assimilated when it becomes natural juice.

The website Medical News Today notes that “beets have been gaining popularity as a superfood. Recent studies claim that beetroot and beetroot juice can improve athletic performance, lower blood pressure, and increase blood flow.” From the exposed characteristics, this vegetable has multiple benefits.


A study carried out by the American Heart Association in 2015 showed that 68 people with arterial difficulties had positive results when consuming 250 milliliters of beetroot juice, greatly reducing the level of high blood pressure.

This happens because the concentration of nitric oxide in the blood increases, dilating the blood vessels and improving the fluidity of the blood.

Beetroot also helps diabetes patients. Alpha lipoic acid (antioxidants) strengthens lowering cholesterol levels and increasing insulin sensitivity. A report by PubMed Central, published in the United States National Library of Medicine, states that Intravenous and oral administration of antioxidants decreased the symptoms of peripheral and autonomic neuropathy in diabetics.

Despite the fact that the doses supplied were higher than what beets contain, it is recommended to consume it in your diet along with monitoring the medical treatment of diabetes.

“Consuming enough fiber is essential for smooth digestion and good gut health,” she notes. Medical News Today against the impact of beets on body digestion. This allows it to be recommended for exercise and people who focus on their sports performance.

The PubMed Central study showed that the amount of oxygen that muscles can absorb during physical activity increases if this tuber is consumed.

Last but not least, beets help in the prevention of cancer. The betalains (metabolites), in addition to giving the vegetable its tone, fulfill the function of altering the mutations of the cancer cells of the body. “The ingestion of this plant inhibits the appearance or growth of cancerous tumors,” says ‘Cuerpo Mente’

How to prepare it?

This plant can be used both the root and its leaves. In the case of beets as such, it can be accompanied with salads, mixing it with other fruits and vegetables. In its juice form it can also be enjoyed.

If desired, it can also be cooked. It is enough to boil it whole, peel it and finally, chop it. By applying this, its nutrients, vitamins and, no less important, its aroma will be preserved. However, consuming it can cause urine or feces to have a reddish color, but this is not an alarm, it is normal when consuming it.

Medical News Today advises people with kidney stones not to eat too many beet tops, as it can be counterproductive. In some cases, eating this tuber can cause an upset stomach; mainly when it is not consumed frequently

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