The 35th arrived: Olimpia sweeps Motagua and is champion of Honduras

La Ceiba, Honduras.

Roar the Lion! The Olympia Sports Club returned to the throne in Honduran soccer by becoming champion in La Ceiba of the 2022 Apertura Tournament of the National League by beating 2-0 at Motagua (Global 3-0).

hand in hand Peter Trogliothe Lion lifted the title 35 of its history in the first division closing a dream season since he was left with a double due to the fact that they were previously champions of the Concacaf League by prevailing over Alajuelense from Costa Rica.

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The albos prevented their staunch rival motagua they won a two-time championship and previously in the Concacaf tournament they were eliminated in the semifinal phase.

Troglio He increased his legend on the Olimpia bench by getting his sixth crown as Technical Director of the Olympic team: He has five Leagues and one Concacaf League. He led five local tournaments al albo and was crowned champion in all of them.


The game was marked by a lot of personal marking and sudden actions, which caused the referee to show eight yellow cards in the first half, six to Motagua players and two to Olimpia players.

At minute 24, the blue had the clearest opportunity to open the scoring. Center of “Camellito” Delgado and Walter Martínez connected with his head but the ball, unfortunately for him, went wide.

The whites responded ten minutes later. Carlos Sánchez assisted Michaell Chirinos and the skilful Olympian player made a left-footed shot that went to one side.

The last minutes of the first half were the exciting ones and at 37 and 40 the Motagüense team forgave again.

First “Camellito” Delgado with a shot that went over the goal and again Walter Martínez; the midfielder ran from midfield alone, eluded Maylor Núñez’s mark but was unable to direct the ball well.

Pedro Troglio’s men responded again and now it was Jorge Álvarez’s turn who connected with a right foot that goalkeeper Marlon Licona brilliantly saved with his feet. The 43rd minute was played.

In minute 45, goalkeeper Edrick Menjívar saved León with a phenomenal save after a left-footed shot by Diego Rodríguez.

When it seemed that they were going to rest tied, the first goal of the clash came.

The 49 minutes elapsed, Carlos ‘Mango’ Sánchez took a corner kick, Yustin Arboleda appeared at the first post to connect with his head in a subtle way, leaving the Motagüense defense in a bad position and at the far post José García pushed it to the bottom of the leggings


In the second half, Motagua went more forward on the attack, but their forwards were not accurate in their shots on goal.

The Águilas modified their system since they were in search of goals entering players like Eddie Hernández, Ángel Tejeda, Mauro Ortiz, but they could contribute little or nothing.

Germán ‘Patón’ Mejía jumped from the substitute bench onto the field to be the protagonist of a game that ended in Olimpia’s second goal against Motagua in the Grand Final of the 2022 Apertura Tournament.

The midfielder came on for Jorge Álvarez in the 60th minute and nine minutes later he excelled with a high-quality play, eluding the Motagüenses defenders inside the area.

The 69 minutes were played, ‘Patón’ Mejía recovered the ball, left behind two markers, won the bottom line and sent the death penalty so that Michaell Chirinos connected the ball with his right foot and surpassed goalkeeper Marlon Licona’s stretch .

The skilled soccer player says goodbye to his beloved Olimpia, being the figure of the team as he leaves for Greece on Monday to join Volos FC.

The final stretch of the game was processed and after the final whistle by central referee Nelson Salgado, the Olimpia squad celebrated in style the 35th title in its history in the National League.

Motagua could not achieve the two-time championship at the hands of Hernán Medina, and was left with 18 cups in his showcase, while Olimpia added 35, in addition to his fifth championship with Pedro Troglio.


2. Olympia: Edrick Menjivar; Maylor Núñez, Brayan Beckeles, José García, Carlos Sánchez; Carlos Pineda (Bonieck García m.81), Jorge Álvarez (Germán Mejía m.59), Michaell Chirinos, José Mario Pinto (Brayan Moya m.76); Jerry Bengtson (Jonathan Paz m.59) and Yustin Arboleda (Jorge Benguché m.76).

Coach: Pedro Troglio.

0. Motagua: Marlon Licona; Marcelo Santos, Carlos Melendez, Denil Maldonado, Wesly Decas; Juan Delgado (Mauro Ortiz m.56), Jonathan Núñez (Héctor Castellanos m.66), Diego Rodríguez (Carlos Mejía m.66), Iván López (Ángel Tejeda m.56); Walter Martínez (Eddie Hernández m.66) and Roberto Moreira.

Coach: Hernan Medina.

Goals: 1-0, m.45: José García. 2-0, m.68: Michael Chirinos.

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