Strong statements from Britney Spears’s father: he speaks for the first time about his role as a tutor

Jamie Spears, Britney’s father, has spoken for the first time since he was no longer in charge of the singer’s guardianship, assuring that the decisions he made over 13 years were key to the singer not only recovering his career and recover from “financial ruin,” but to re-engage with his children, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

From the perspective of Britney Spears’ father, conservatorship (which kept the singer in a psychiatric clinic when her father was injured in 2019) was the best thing that could have happened to the singer, suggesting that she otherwise wouldn’t know what would have happened. with his daughter, according to a recent interview he gave to the “Daily Mail”, in which he said he was not sorry for the decisions he made throughout all these years.

“Not everyone is going to agree with me. It’s been an amazing time, but I love my daughter with all my heart and soul, where would Britney be right now without that guardianship? I don’t know if she would be alive,” she stated.

In addition, Spears considered that if guardianship had not been involved, the “princess of pop” would never have recovered the maternal relationship with her children.

“To protect her and also the children, guardianship was a great tool. Without her, I don’t think she would have gotten the kids back.”

For this reason, Jamie said he was little concerned about the impression that the singer’s fans have of him, emphasizing that he had done a good job during the 13 years that his guardianship lasted.

“I don’t mind taking that beating because I know it’s not true, and because I don’t want to start something else. That my daughter ends up sinking further into the hole than she had been (…) Just look at how things are now, ”she declared.

He also expressed that Kevin Federline and he have been the ones who had raised the singer’s children, which is why it was very painful for him to be away from his grandchildren, since it is worth mentioning that -in 2019- the singer’s ex-husband obtained a restraining order. restraint against Jamie, after physically abusing Sean Preston.

Spears said she misses her two grandchildren dearly right now, but she’s also been in talks with Federline, which could lead to an eventual reconciliation with Sean Preston and Jayden James, ages 17 and 16, respectively.

These statements coincide with the position of “Kev-Fed” who, a few months ago, said in an interview for that same medium, that both Sean Preston and Jayden James had shown interest in getting in touch with their grandfather again, so the former dancer did not he would rule out the possibility of a reunion, since the only thing he wanted as a father was the well-being of his children.

From this panorama, Jamie had to recognize that the Spears family is still in a chaotic moment, so a reconciliation between all the family members involved in the problem does not seem to be a feasible possibility now.

“The family is a mess. All we can do is keep praying,” she stated.

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