Shakira asks for support in Qatar final for player sentenced to deathHalf time

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In full framework of the final of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 between Argentina and France, Shakira gave something to talk about, raised his voice in support of the footballer Amir Nasr, since he exposed his case on his social networks, since he is sentenced to death by the Iranian regime.

Nasr is on death row for publicly speaking out for women’s rights.

“Today at the World Cup final, I just hope that the players on the pitch and the whole world remember that there is a man and fellow footballer named Amir Nasr, on death row, just for speaking out for the women’s rights,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Hopefully there will be more than one minute of silence in our hearts to remember what is important and more than one united voice shouting for what is fair,” he added.

It is not the first time that Shakira has sought support, she even posted a TikTok video a few days ago, where a user proposed that they do something about it at the Lusail Stadium, such as wearing a badge or even refusing to play.

“I also think like you. The World Cup, Christmas cannot be more important than human life, women’s rights, and those voices that others want to silence by force. Let’s talk about what is really important or let’s shout together, as long as we have a voice,” he stressed.

Shakira invited her followers to join the support through the portal, which was carried out in favor of the Iranian.

Why is Amir Nasr sentenced to death?

He was accused of the crime called ‘moharebeh’ (enmity with God), and according to IranWare, his punishment is execution by hanging.

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