Option almost discarded! The Chivas exchange proposal that did not materialize

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One of the players that the Guadalajara board sought to reinforce its lead would not be made.


Chivas continues to propose candidates to shore up its squad for the Clausura 2023, where the rojiblanca board led by Amaury Vergara and Fernando Hierro they have tried to move their pieces to get reinforcements; however, hThere is a club that would not have agreed to the rojiblanca proposal to trade one of their star players.

One of the The priorities of the Guadalajara board of directors lie in the choice of a new forward center that manages to strengthen the rojiblanco attack despite the presence of Ángel Zaldívar, Santiago Ormeño, Ronaldo Cisneros, José Tepa González and Luis Puenteso they want to add one more attacker.

One of the options that was raised within the rojiblanco team was to carry out an iExchange with Puebla for striker Martín Barragánwhere offered to Chelo and Pollo Briseño; however, the reporter José María Garrido, assured that this proposal has lost strength.

Survey What is the best option for the Chivas striker?

What is the best option for the Chivas striker?


“There was the option of going to the market, if Chivas manages to convince the people of Puebla to make the exchange so that the Gasolinero arrives in Guadalajara, Martín Barragán in exchange could leave in barter Chelo Zaldívar (and Antonio Briseño)but pIt seems that this option has been diluted as the days progressed”, he explained on his YouTube channel.

What’s next for Chivas?

Guadalajara is ready to play the final stretch of the preseason under the tutelage of coach Veljko Paunović, so they are participating in the Sky Cup where they will face Mazatlán, Santos, Tigres and Atlas to be on top for the presentation at the Clausura 2023 against Rayados on January 7, 2023 on the pitch of the BBVA Stadium.

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