Noticias Caracol journalists united their lives, who is it?

Over the years, love continues to be the center of conversation, because although the news of breakups become known, the unions in the name of it overcome a discouraging panorama.

As happened last Saturday, December 17, when the journalist and Caracol news presenter, José María Polanco, and the journalist Catalina Vargas, also decided to say yes at the altar before their family and friends.

The wedding took place after more than a year and a half of dating, approximately, as they let him see on his social networks with various publications that suggest that their relationship began in February 2021.

The event, which took place on a farm, was attended by well-known figures from the newscast, such as Dr. Fernanda, its director, Juan Roberto Vargas, fellow presenters Diana Pachón and Andreína Solórzano, among others.

Caracol news journalists married José María Polanco Ortíz and Catalina Vargas
Journalists from Noticias Caracol got married: José María Polanco Ortiz and Catalina Vargas – Photo: Instagram @josepoortiz93

In various Instagram stories, the attendees celebrated the union between the couple in love, who had gotten engaged on August 6 (as they record in their accounts on that social network).

José María wrote in the publication of his commitment: “Here I begin to write another chapter in my life… Thank you for being that unconditional person, my friend, my partner, my advisor and very soon my wife… I love you, my love, together we are stronger”.

Two journalists from Noticias Caracol Catalina Vargas and José Miguel Polanco got married
The attendees celebrated the union between the couple in love, who had been engaged on August 6 – Photo: Instagram @josepoortiz93

While Catalina, for her part, stated: “She said Yes @josepoortiz93. I said YES to living a dream life and full of love by your side… I thank God for you and for every moment together… (because every moment had a purpose). Thank you for loving me, surprising me and achieving something more than I dreamed of on this day… Together we are stronger and let this new adventure begin by the hand of God… I love you, my love! Thank you for this dream night!”

The presenters and journalists received praise from their relatives, as well as good wishes for this new stage in their lives, with phrases such as: “May love reign in your lives”; “May they be infinitely happy”; “I wish you the best in this new challenge you have undertaken. Love each other a lot and be happy”, among others.

Apparently, the journalists went on a trip to live their honeymoon despite the fact that they had already traveled together to the United States; However, at this time the reason for the celebration is their union before God and those close to him, since the ceremony was officiated by a priest of the Catholic Church, according to his beliefs.

In an Instagram story, the journalist shared a photo of his hands together, proudly wearing his wedding rings, and there he wrote: “The first of many trips together, my wife.”

On the other hand, on February 14 of this year, the communicator shared an image with her now husband, in which she recalled: “A year of many adventures, many experiences, many laughs and happy moments, as well as several hard moments… A year of much learning, resilience, promises and a lot of strength together… A year with imperfections, like any human being, but with all the love in the world… Thank you for every moment that only you and I know about”.

Just as José María also left emotional messages to his wife, when they were dating: “Today, almost a year later, we find ourselves in this same place where we began to build this relationship… Like everything in life, with some adversities, differences, mistakes, but that is part of the day to day, the important thing is to be able to learn to be a better person… I love you”.

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