“North America 2026 is ready to host the World Cup”

Qatar 2022 passed the baton to the United States, Canada and Mexico, which will host the World Cup in 2026, an unprecedented edition

QATAR — North America 2026 is ready to receive world Cupassured the representatives of Mexico, USA Y Canadain a ceremony in which Qatar handed over the post.

“Mexico and North America are ready to host the 2026 World Cup,” he said. Alfonso Zegberepresentative of the government of Mexico in the ceremony that Qatar 2022 hands over the World Cup baton.

At an event organized by Sheikha Alya Al Thaniambassador of Qatar before the United Nations, which was attended by Alfonso Zegbe, as representative of the Government of Mexico, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US ambassador and Omar Alghabra, Canadian Minister of Transportation.

Qatar hosted the World Cup 2022, in which France and Argentina took the leading role. Despite the controversy, they managed to reach the final of the tournament with few setbacks.

Now, by 2026, the World Cup will change its format, since it will have 48 teams and will be played in three countries. Mexico is one of the venues, along with the United States and Canada.

In Mexican territory, it is expected that there will be at least 10 games, although the number could increase if the competition is changed to one of groups with four teams.

Mexico It is not yet ready to receive the World Cup, because it still has to do several renovations to the Azteca Stadium. The works have not yet started on the property in Mexico City and have a start date for mid-2023.

“Mexico hosted the World Cup in 1970, also in 1986, and will do so in the same way and with the same joy in 2026,” Zegbe said.

The Qatar World Cup 2022 ends and Mexico, the United States and Canada say they are ready for the party that resumes in four years.

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