“Muchachos”, the song with which all of Argentina celebrates its triumph in the Soccer World Cup

All of Argentina celebrates this Sunday to the rhythm of “Muchachos”, the emblematic song that symbolizes the joy of an entire country that won the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup at the Lusail stadium in Qatar.

The Argentine team won its third world title by beating France in a penalty shootout (4-2) after extra time tied 3-3 and returned to South America the universal scepter, which it had not held since Brazil beat Germany in the decisive match of South Korea/Japan 2002.

This feat makes millions of Argentines throw themselves into celebrating in the streets and “Muchachos” is their spark of life after their team lit the fuse on the pitch and gave 45.8 million Argentines glory on Earth.

The Argentine band La Mosca Tse-Tse He launched a version of it in the preview of the World Cup and it is a total success revalidated by the Argentine triumph.

The new version is based on a 2003 hit by La Mosca titled “Boys, I’m getting drunk tonight” and which has now been reformulated as “Boys, now we’re excited again.” The first was about heartbreak. The second about love for the albiceleste (as they call the Argentine team).

The lyrics of the new song were invented by a catechist, Fernando Romero, a 30-year-old from Buenos Aires, a teacher at a religious school, but above all he is a fan of Racing de Avellaneda (a prestigious Argentine soccer club).

“Boys / Now we got excited again / I want to win the third / I want to be a world champion”, reads the verse of the song in the reversal written by Fernando Romero. And the dream became a reality.

Guillermo Novellis, voice and guitarist of the ska group La Mosca Tsé – Tsé, told the Argentine newspaper La Nación how they decided to record it again, but this time with the lyrics adapted from the catechist, Romero.

“That was on the networks and my son-in-law, Fernando, my daughter’s boyfriend, sent it to me. It was a fantastic, exciting letter. Then I saw it and then the people from TyC Sports connected us both, me and Fernando, we did an interview together -I think it was in the 3-0 game against Bolivia, it was recorded outside the River field- and then time began to pass and the song went viral, especially when the boys sang it on the bus,” he said. Novellis to The Nation.

Then he added: “There we began to think -especially our manager Santiago Ruiz- that we should record it. And of course the lyrics were involved, which were new lyrics, so Santiago and I connected with Fernando and We decided to make a new song based on our music and its lyrics.”

He then added: “From there we invited him to record our video and sing the song with us and then we went on tour. We went to Mexico, Colombia and Puerto Rico, and the song came out on a Friday and a song came out on Sunday interview Leo, where he chooses it as his favorite song among all the ones that the boys of the selection sang”.

From then on, the song became the hope of all of Argentina, sung at all meetings and parties.

The video of La Mosca was published a month ago and has more than 10 million views.

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