Messi is world champion and the message he sent to Mexico after lifting the Cup

Lionel Messi and the message for Mexico after lifting the World Cup
Lionel Messi and the message for Mexico after lifting the World Cup

Argentine striker Leonel Messi lifted the world cup becoming one of the best players of all time in modern soccer, La Pulga in his speech also indirectly sent a message to Mexican soccer.

Lionel Messi shut Kylian’s mouth in Mbappé, who before the Qatar 2022 World Cup assured that football in the American continent is very limited and where, of course, it includes not only Brazil Argentina but also Mexico.

More Mexican soccer news:

* Paunovic no longer wants him in Chivas, throws him out after facing Mazatlán
* Luis Suárez is already negotiating with Cruz Azul and the 2 packages he wants out to sign

Argentine striker Lionel Messi, after lifting the world cup for Argentina again, thanked the group of teammates that made up the Argentine National Team and at the same time leaves a clear message that Latin American soccer can surpass European soccer.

Will Mexico be able to lift the World Cup?

Curiously, the Mexican National Team, in addition to being Olympic champion and Under 17 world champion, has not been able to consolidate the talent that several young promises have and for this reason in the World Cups the possibility of El Tri being crowned champion has been seen as very elusive. According to José Ramón Fernández, Mexico could be world champion the day Televisa leaves the Mexican Federation

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