Messi and Argentina, a love story that could not have had a better ending

  • Matías Zibell (@mundozibell)
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Lionel Messi

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The final kiss.

There are two kinds of love stories: those that after many vicissitudes end with a happy ending, and those that, on the verge of having a happy ending, end with a tragic denouement. The whole planet today knows how the story between Messi and Argentina ended.

And although after the victory on penalties against France, which allowed Argentina to win its third World Cup on Sunday, Lionel Messi said he wants to play a few more games with your teamHis previous statements about this being his last World Cup suggest that there will not be another moment as important as this in the relationship between Rosario and the Albiceleste.

To work, a love story does not necessarily have to end well.

If not, ask William Shakespeare, and he “did” everything to those poor Romeo and Juliets: in the end, he sent them to a penalty shootout, poisoned them, and stabbed them.

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