Kun Agüero responds to his controversial insult to Camavinga

Doha, Qatar.

Celebrations that went far. The former Argentine player, Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero, responded to the recent controversy that he generated in his celebration with the Albiceleste squad after winning the Qatar World Cup 2022.

The ex-soccer player disrespected the young French player of Real Madrid, Eduardo Camavinga, in a direct that had around 500,000 people connected.

In full Instagram transmission, the ‘Kun’ made fun of the surname of the French national team: “For Cama Come (…) that pin face **”, mentioned Agüero.

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The phrase of the former Argentine attacker went viral and this Monday he has shown his face on his social networks responding to comments related to the controversy.

“Very bad class Omen, camavinga He didn’t do anything to him,” said a user in a video with Kun’s phrase.

The former Barcelona striker replied: “First of all, I have nothing against him. Second, it’s a joke during a party. Also, if you search on stream, I always joke with his name. Don’t look for trouble.”

In that same thread, another user wrote: “You have to have a bad heart to laugh at a boy who, at the age of 19, has been a Champion of the Champions League and a World Cup finalist.”

Y Omen He replied: “You don’t understand that I have nothing against him. He is a crack. It’s something I do jokingly like I do in my ‘streams’. Zero evil, bro. Peace and love”.

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