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One of the events of these weeks has to do with the miniseries of harry and meghan in Netflix. Not only has it been a trend in many countries, but the media have also taken the content with great relevance; even, in the offices of England, the notes took a much more serious tone, demonstrating how deeply the statements of the Dukes of Sussex penetrated into the politics of the Crown.

The thing is, According to what is embodied in the series, there are two great villains in this series: the British media on the one hand, and the royal family on the other.. As for the press, after harry and meghan They would have been accused of bringing the Duchess to the brink of suicide, in addition to being indirectly guilty of the miscarriage of her second pregnancy, they responded with extensive coverage.

On the other hand, the Crown took the accusations in a different way, carrying out a cautious plan with the aim of detracting from the statements of the dukes of sussex.

It is not a small thing: what characters the size of harry and meghan being able to tell their side of the story, in as descriptive a format as a docu-series can be, and even under the direction of an Oscar-nominated film director, it’s quite a novelty.. To make matters worse, it is the dukes themselves who dictate everything that is said and what is omitted, making it clear that it is their own and intimate vision.

While the British press took the opportunity to harass the couple through loud headlines, harry and meghan they chose to tell their own story focusing on the role of the media and social networks, while describing the development of their story, which after all is nothing more than a love story.

These characteristics of the series are part of the explanation for the success that it is demonstrating, becoming one of the most watched productions of Netflix. However, The resentment in the British media began to surface due to the repercussion that the different accusations were taking what were they doing the dukes of sussex.

In this situation, the big editors of the main media aligned to the Crown had to come out to respond; and they did so in the same ways for which they were charged in the first place. They even went so far as to say that harry and meghan run the global press (against you).

This explains, in part, a large number of the notes that were released from the big British newspapers, criticizing even the smallest level of the series. It should be noted, of course, that Prince Harry is embroiled in legal disputes with at least four of these same media.

In addition, there is also a call to attention to the Crown: British royalty can no longer deal with the press as they have been doing, trying to avoid confrontations at all costs. After all, what Harry seems to be wanting to do is end the impunity of the mainstream media when they deal with relevant personalities.

It is important to note that, for harry and meghan, the attacks of the press do not only mean a good headline. Even, according to what was explained by the Duchess of Sussex in one of the chapters, she ended up telling an interviewer -off camera-: “You’re making people want to kill me. It’s not just a story”.

With this series, the dukes of sussex they planted a strong position against the constant attacks of the British press: they will no longer be just spectators, but they will begin to answer; and not only with demands, but using their own weapons. The war metaphor is no coincidence: a war broke out between the parties. However, it remains an uneven battle.

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