“I hope our love story never ends”


Peter Troglio Return to Honduras to win again. His fifth crown of National League in his fifth tournament he was accompanied by a historic double with the Concacaf Leaguean illusion for which we worked since before the start of the season Opening 2022.

“Since the preseason I told the players to believe, but that it would be very difficult. Well deserved for the effort of the players. All the titles have a special seasoning, none is better than another”, said the Argentine strategist to microphones of TEN after the match.

”I think we have a very good chemistry with the coaching staff, players, managers and the whole club, that helps a lot. Sometimes games are won by playing very well, and sometimes in another way, with the heart, and this team has a heart, ”he explained about the winning DNA of the merengue institution.

Troglio He has always won in the Honduran championship, where he equaled Diego Vázquez as the fifth with the most league titles (5). He is only one away from the legendary Carlos Foxpadilla.

“For me it is proud, not only to enter the history of Honduras, but also at an international level, which is difficult. I am happy, I did not imagine it either, it would not seem to me that I was going to win the five that I would play. A lot of the players have to do with this”, commented El Rulo.

“There are ways to play soccer, when you have the ball and when you don’t. What I have added to Olimpia is that when the day you don’t get up inspired with your feet, there will always be someone who will do a genius to win the game. The important thing is that everyone defends and attacks”, analyzed the 57-year-old coach.

– And people say that Olympia is ugly…-, “nahhhh, Olympia plays great. Sometimes he plays good and bad. Like all teams in the world, if not Argentina would not have lost to Saudi Arabia or Spain would not have been left out of the World Cup. What I have is that they are good players and that they add sacrifice”.

the roof of Troglio with olympia It is endless, as he comments that for the next tournament “we have to have a good Concachampions, like when we reached a semifinal and won at the Azteca. It is an outstanding debt. Let’s see if we can repeat and get as far as possible”.

Regarding the evolution of Honduran soccer since his arrival in the country in July 2019, he deepened that it has a lot, since wanting to compete against Olimpia has made the other teams become much stronger and give more battle than other years. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the playing fields, and this will inject speed. Honduras has to qualify for the World Cup and win their first match, it is a goal they must have”.

A Troglio another figure is leaving, as is the case of Michaell Chirinos to soccer in Greece, as well as Deiby Flores in 2021 and Edwin Rodríguez in September.

“Chirinos is leaving, but it makes me happy, it means that they have worked for me and that makes me happy. We have already lost Deiby, Edwin… the coaches and players leave, but the club remains. I hope they don’t all leave ”, he pointed out.

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Now Troglio will surely be sought after by foreign football, just as it happened when he won the four-time championship in December 2021. Will the same happen now?

“I left more than anything because of a family issue since I knew that San Lorenzo was not doing well sportingly and that it would be very hard for me. I have been in Honduras for three years and I have seen my family for a year and a half, it is hard,” she said.

And when was he consulted – when does his love affair with olympia -, he replied: “I hope it doesn’t end, I will be eternally grateful with this club. We are going to mess with everything. I continue with Olympia until… let’s see. For now until May and then we’ll see what happens.”

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