Gerard Piqué’s children BETRAY Shakira and REFUSE to move to Miami for these reasons

After what Shakira Y Gerard Piqué reached an agreement for the custody of their sons, leaving this matter victorious the singer. It seems that now the ones who are not very happy with the idea of ​​leaving Barcelona are Sasha and Milan, because now the little ones betray to his mom and deny a move a Miami for certain reasonsbecause it is not easy for them to leave their whole life behind.

Although the date has already been set for Shakira could move a Miami in the company of his sonssome have emerged reasons in the little ones for those who do not want to leave their hometown, which is Barcelona. And it is that the children have spent their entire lives in this place, so for them to leave behind their school, friends and other families is a very difficult situation that they do not want to face.

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