From the pool, Ninel Conde raises the temperature with a phosphorescent micro bikini

Ninel Conde, who is also known as “The Killer Bomb”caused a great furor on social networks in the last hours because he published a video in which he wasted beauty and sensuality as it turns out that the talented actress and singer she showed off her curves with a fitted micro bikini, which, in addition to making her look more than spectacular, also made her win dozens of compliments.

It was through his official Instagram profile where Ninel Conde broadcast the video in question, which only had the objective of delighting the pupil of the more than 5.4 million followers that he has on said platform, in addition, he took the opportunity to send a powerful motivational message because he wrote “How beautiful you look believing in yourself. You become so strong that not just anything can bring you down.”

This revealing video of Ninel Conde was recorded from different places because the singer first posed in front of a mirror in a dressing room and then appeared posing sitting on a cot and in the final stretch of her recording He showed off his charms from a pool with the imposing sea as a background.

As for the spectacular outfit with which Ninel Conde caught the eye, it was a tiny swimsuit made up of two pieces, which were phosphorescent green and due to the size of these garments, the OnlyFans star was also able to show off her curves in all their splendor.

The brief, but revealing video of Ninel Conde did not go unnoticed by her thousands of fans and in just a couple of hours, His publication managed to accumulate more than 20 thousand likes and thousands of reproductionsIn addition, as expected, the compliments began to arrive from dozens of his fans and even from other celebrities.

“You are beautiful”, “A real goddess”, “The most beautiful of all” “Simply spectacular”, “Chulada de mujer” and “Always so divine” were some of the compliments that “El Bombón Asesino” received.

Ninel Conde reveals if she is “Sugar Mommy” or not

In recent weeks, different photographs have circulated in which Ninel Conde was seen as more than affectionate with a mysterious gallant and with the naked eye it could be seen that the handsome man is much younger than “El Bombón Asesino” and for this reason it began to be said which had been released as “Sugar Mommy” for which a great commotion was formed in networks.

“El Bombón Asesino” will continue as one of the most sought-after singles in show business. Photo: IG: ninelconde

After all the speculations that were made, Ninel Conde took advantage of her social networks and He clarified that he is not starting any relationship and that for now he does not intend to do so, However, she did not clarify who the handsome lover with whom she was caught is.

“Ok, for the only time I clarify that I do not have any sentimental relationship, nor am I looking for … please stop speculating ”, was what Ninel Conde wrote on her Instagram profile to end the rumors about her sentimental situation.


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