Fanatic ignored local laws and celebrated with her breasts in the air the title of Argentina in the Qatar 2022 World Cup [Video]

The fanatic Argentina did not have any type of filter.

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The celebrations for the title of Argentina seem to have no limits and a fan made it clear when appearing in front of the world with her breasts exposed in the middle of the gallery from the Lusail stadium, celebrating the title that Argentina won by beating France to win the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

During a passage that World TV showed after Lionel Messi raised the Cup, the stands were full of Argentine fans who were ecstatic for having achieved the third historic title for the country, but in the middle of the shot the curious picture.

In her, a fan appeared in front of the stands with her chest bare, defying any kind of local Qatari regulations and laws.

The fact did not go unnoticed on social networks by Internet users who called the young woman brave and defended her from criticism.

for now It is unknown if the fan will receive any sanction from the authorities but in the event that this is the case, he was finally able to celebrate the title that his idol, Lionel Messi, was missing in the showcases.

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