Chivas legend accused corruption in FIFA for the title of Argentina in the World Cup in Qatar 2022


A former Guadalajara player ranted and believes that there is corruption in football, although he surrendered to the talent of Lionel Messi.

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Soccer tends to arouse emotions in the vast majority of people around the world, so the recent title obtained by Argentina over France in the Qatar 2022 World Cup Final was not well received by many people and evenand former Chivas players like Adolfo Bautista, who accused corruption in football for the crown of the Albiceleste.

The Bofo has always had a special pique with the South Americansmainly the Argentines and that was manifested a few weeks ago when the mythical ‘100’ from Guadalajara ranted against some former players and members of the press from that country before the duel against Mexico of the group stage, where he even accused Tata Martino of selling out.

Now, after the title of the South American team, Bautista reappeared on social networks to remember the statements of Pepe, defender of Portugalwho mentioned that the title would be handed over to Argentina, ensuring that “two World Cups fixed”, due to the controversial “Hand of God” of Diego Armando Maradona in Mexico 86 and the controversial penalty scored against Ángel di María in Qatar 2022.

Despite all his antipathy for Argentina, Bofo congratulated Lionel Messi for obtaining the most important trophy in world footballassuring that he is a “crack”, but he assured that there is “corruption” in Argentine football.

Where did the pique between Bofo and the Argentines arise?

The bad relationship between the historic rojiblanco element with the South Americans began in the Copa Libertadores due to the xenophobic comments on the part of the Argentines against the Mexicans and even by the attacks he received in the duels against Boca Juniors in 2005 where he even received a spit.

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