Chiquis Rivera responds to bad opinions about her mother’s party

December 9 is a very difficult day for the Rivera family, because it is remembered that the plane crashed on that day where Jenni Rivera he was traveling, leaving a big hole in the heart of all of Mexico, because a great legend would be leaving this world in a horrible way.

Well, this episode was very difficult to weigh, especially for the five children of the diva of the band, however, as a good older sister, who took her place was the american celebrity Chiquis Rivera continued her mother’s legacy, adopted her two younger brothers and took over everything.

Now, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the death of Jenni Rivera, they organized a white party with drinks, food, regional Mexican music, and above all, much love and respect for the artist.

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This decision would be highly criticized by some users of social networks, since a party is like celebrating that it has happened and in the face of these bad opinions, Chiquis Rivera responded in the description of an Instagram publication:

“Maybe some ‘people’ will see it badly that I had a party on my mother’s 10th anniversary, but the opinion of those ‘people’ doesn’t matter to me. I know and I know MY mother. She doesn’t want us to be sad all the time. Sure, I cried in the morning that day, but I got up, brushed myself off, and held my head up like she taught me.”

The interpreter of “Queen Bee” closed with:

“NO ONE is going to come and tell me I’m a bad daughter! No sir. I know what my mom expects of me, how much she means to me, and how she would like US to live. That being said, it was a really fun night! #CreatingMemories with great humans. Thank God!”

In the publication, she shared a short clip where she shows part of the living she had with her family members, people close to her, and who are extremely important to the singer.


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