Beans, the essential food for people over 60 who want to control their weight

Having an active lifestyle based on a balanced diet and regular physical activity is essential for a healthy birthday. Not only is physical exercise considered essential to control weight and prevent cardiovascular diseases, but it is also necessary to consume nutrient-rich foods to keep the scale at bay. Among all the food groups, legumes stand out as fundamental for the contribution of vegetable proteins. Beans, lentils, chickpeas… all of them incorporate vitamins and minerals with a multitude of benefits for our body.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has drawn up an Action Plan in order to increase the availability of healthy foods in the world and “increase the consumption of legumes”. Not surprisingly, it is advisable to consume between 2 and 4 servings of legumes a week and gradually increase your intake until you get a daily serving. Among all the legumes, the bean stands out for its multiple health benefits. “The bean stands out for its high content of iron, vegetable proteins and carbohydrates” affirm from Selectos Campomar, a company that grows and distributes various kinds of beans.

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Beans, a source of essential nutrients

Beans are part of the traditional Spanish diet and recipe book. Stewed, stewed, cooked or even in a salad. There are several kinds of beans and they all bring great benefits to our body. Either white beans, beans, tolosana, palmeña or fabada. According to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN) “a 70-gram serving of beans covers 40% of the reference daily phosphorus intake.” Taking into account its nutrients, its intake is recommended for all types of adults but, above all, for the elderly who seek to control their weight and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits of eating beans

control the weight


Although they have a consistent level of calories, their fiber properties give them a satiating effect that prevents the consumption of empty calories between meals.

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They improve intestinal transit


Its high fiber content brings about an improvement in intestinal transit and, at the same time, helps fight constipation.

prevent cholesterol


The consumption of legumes —and beans— prevents cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol due to its high composition in dietary fiber.

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Improve the appearance of the skin


Beans are a source of amino acids and antioxidants that protect the skin from oxidative damage and free radicals.

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