Argentines insulted a Mexican during the celebration in the streets of QataMediotiempo

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The enmity between the fans of Mexico and Argentina increased when it was learned that they were going to meet in the Group Phase of the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

On the field of play, the Albiceleste beat the Tricolor 2-0, which left Gerardo Martino’s men on the canvas, that in the end they did not achieve the pass to the Eighth Finals.

However, after the elimination of the national team, many began to show their empathy for the ‘ches’who won the crown in the Middle East after defeating France in the Final.

However, the annoyance against the Argentines appeared again among the Mexicans, after a fan tried to give South American players a charro hat on his tour through the streets of Qatar with the FIFA trophy.

In a live by Guido Rodríguez, former player of Xolos and Américayou can see how a player insults the Mexican, who was only trying to give them the hat.

Without it being known yet who said it, one of the albicelestes is heard commenting: “Give them to Memo Ochoa, silly.” This fact turned on the networks, since the Mexicans began to throw everything at the world champions.

What do you think of the Argentine’s response?

Did you forget the lawsuit with Messi?

The Mexican fans threw everything at Lionel Messi, after the victory against Mexico, he had unintentionally kicked the Tri shirt which was on the floor of the Albiceleste dressing room.

In this lawsuit, Canelo Álvarez got into the ring, who threatened the Argentine player that he was going to pay for insulting a Mexican symbol.

They compared it to France

Four years ago, in the same way They gave a charro hat to the players of Francebut the story was different, since Paul Pogba put it on and did a live, where both the Juventus player and Antoine Griezmann sent greetings to Carlos Vela.

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