Argentina champion!: This is how Lionel Messi celebrated with his children – Qatar 2022 World Cup



Messi and his family

Messi and his family

Messi and his family

Argentina took the World Cup, with the leadership of Lionel Messi.

Argentina beat the French team after drawing an agonizing three-goal match and then beating the Europeans in a penalty shootout that resulted in four goals for two. The support of a large part of the world went to the figure of Argentina Lionel Messi, who wanted to close his football career with a flourish by winning the World Cup.

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Messi, who has already won as many trophies as possible, when he took the cup, the first thing he did was go to celebrate with his family, and especially with his children, to whom, in statements from the last game, he assured that he dedicates all his triumphs to them .

The Argentine has publicly assured that this historic match will be his last with the national team and that he will not be playing for the next World Cup, warning that his retirement is close to taking place.


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