Andrea Legarreta teaches more from the Hoy program, so her low-cut blouse betrayed her

It is no secret to anyone that the beautiful television host, Andrea Legarreta She has established herself as one of the great figures in entertainment thanks to the great work she does every day as the star presenter of “Today program“, one of the most successful of Televisa.

For more than 20 years, the talented television presenter has dazzled by the beauty and professionalism that she transmits in each of the broadcasts of the most watched morning show in Mexico. All her fame has increased considerably on her social networks, where she is one of her favorites.

It was precisely on this digital platform where the beautiful 51-year-old driver showed that she has an enviable figure by modeling a risky look that suited her perfectly, or at least that’s how her loyal followers let her know, who surrendered to her beauty.

Photo: Instagram/@andrealegarreta

Andrea Legarreta shines with a risky neckline

A few days ago, before her more than six million followers, the beautiful host of “Today program“He shared a photo that did not go unnoticed by anyone because he looked incredible with a risky look that perfectly highlighted each of his curves.

In the image, taken from the morning forum, we see Andrea Legarreta wasting elegance with tight red pants that she complemented with a low-cut blouse that betrayed the driver, exposing part of her underwear.

It turns out that the partner of Galilea Montijo and Raúl “Negro” Araiza On Televisa, she established herself as one of the most beautiful with that flirty outfit that will surely set a fashion trend in the following days, but the fans could not ignore the accident she suffered with her flirty garment.

As expected, Andrea Legarreta’s publication did not go unnoticed by anyone, receiving, so far, more than 16,000 likes and endless comments, which highlight how good she looks with those tailored clothes. .

“Very beautiful”, “You always look beautiful” and “Precious” were some of the comments that the television star received in her publication.

Photo: Instagram/@andrealegarreta


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