After 36 years, Argentina is world champion after beating France on penalties – NBC Miami (51)

DOHA, Qatar – Argentina became the 2022 World Cup champion after beating France on penalties in an epic duel at the Lusail Iconic Stadium in Lusail, Qatar.

Between the tremendous boiling of two unique, extraordinary footballers, in a hectic World Cup final, which Argentina felt won twice, tied by the incredible strength of Kylian Mbappé and decided on penalties, Messi finally won his World Cup, went even further into eternity, culminated a sublime career and returned Argentina to the top of soccer for the third time in its history, 36 years after Maradona in Mexico 1986, with an agonizing victory.

A foul on Di María gave Argentina the penalty, which Messi converted to make it 1-0 for the South American team in the World Cup final. Look at the video.

In his fifth and last attempt, within the marvelous story already described by his dribbling, his goals, his passes, his overflows or his impressive record in Barcelona, ​​he included the most unique and iconic moment of all, so desired since Germany 2006, so alien in South Africa 2010 and Russia 2018, so frustrating in the final of Brazil 2014 next to Di María, also decisive, with a penalty and a goal, in Qatar 2022. His World Cup. He does not lack anything.

Not even France, the current champion. Not even Mbappé, the most dazzling striker on the planet. Not even Griezmann, a total footballer. No one has managed to oppose Messi. Not even the Scaloni group. To the target.

Lionel Messi and then Alexis Mac Allister put together a spectacular play for the exquisite definition of Di María. Look at the video.

That of Argentina, resurfaced from the two goals in one minute that the French team achieved, between 80 and 81, also from 3-3 in extra time, to once again dominate the world with the ball, to win the gold cup whose brilliance goes far beyond the visible.

Mbappé launched the first. Goal. Messi transformed the second. Coman’s third was stopped by ‘Dibu’ Martínez. The fourth was marked by Dybala. The fifth was sent out by Tchouameni. The sixth was scored by Paredes, the seventh by Kolo Muani and the eighth, the final one, by Montiel to confirm Argentina as the world champion. And Messi as an even more eternal player.

Mbappé was the one who started the comeback for France. Look at the video.

Argentina deserved to win before, which dynamited the challenge from the start. He did not hesitate for a second. His conviction, his ambition, without nuance. None. There is hardly anything random on Scaloni’s board (except someone like Mbappé).

He runs away from set phrases, analyzes everything, exhaustively, compresses it into an idea and exposes it on the field with some footballers who executed it with absolute determination. All the first time. Until almost the end.

The PSG forward scored a great goal for the second. Look at the video.

When in the 21st minute Dembele committed such a visible clumsiness that the referee had no choice but to whistle a penalty for Di María’s takedown inside the area, more disputed by force than by the contact itself, when Messi transformed it with the The self-confidence of an outstanding player, with a shot that gave Hugo Lloris no chance, the Albiceleste already imposed their own game irrefutably on the entire pitch.

By football, by possession, by placement, by occasions, by concept and by intensity. In the collective and in each individuality. It always came before then. In each set, in each clash, in each coverage. In every aspect that defines superiority in a match, with the gigantic dimension that all this takes on in the biggest final of all, in the World Cup. Perhaps also in the emotion with which he assumed the duel. That doesn’t decide who wins.

The striker of the Argentine team scored the third for the Albiceleste. Look at the video.

Yes they do make decisions. With only eight minutes in the last three games, prevented by an overload, Di María returned directly to eleven. A storm for Dembele and Koundé, destroyed by the winger, overwhelmed by the stage, overwhelmed every time Messi opened to the left. Scaloni’s “clear” and “determined” plan. The disaster of France.

That’s where the penalty went and made it 2-0 in the 35th minute. Everything from ‘El Fideo’, who rounded off the fast-paced and fantastic counterattack that caused a clearance to nothing by Upamecano and the dizzying activity of Argentina, who in six touches he exceeded all expectations in 35 minutes, with a goal that not only highlighted Di María’s forcefulness, but also an entire block, from the first to the last, from De Paul and Messi to Mac Allister, origin and assistant.

From penalty in extra time the PSG striker put the tie that gave life to France. Look at the video.

The most expressive disfigurement in France. Overwhelmed on the sides, deactivated in the middle, inferior name by name (de Paul’s first hour was magnificent), place by place, without a single news of their crucial man, Antoine Griezmann, disappeared among the compact structure of Argentina, without vision no option beyond a number of light blue and white shirts that reduced him to nothing.

The general failure of the ‘bleus’ seemed then irremediable. So much demerit, so much concession, in a final it was an unbearable weight for France, without reaction, without spirit, without football and without a plan. The threat of rebellion that he suggested at times was nothing more than that, a succession of passes, a few dribbles, finally some interning by the band… Pelé’s Brazil, the last winner of two World Cups in a row, was too far away for him. So complex. So strange. So final. Or not so much.

Argentina got their third World Cup on penalties after beating France. Look at the video.

Because the worst France in this World Cup has one of the best soccer players on the planet, capable of destroying even all the laws of logic. Already with almost an hour and a half of play, between the first half, the 7 minutes added before the break and almost 40 of the second half, replaced even Griezmann in Deschamps’ despair, he was suddenly reborn. Without announcing it. Without foreseeing it Argentina. No other explanation. It’s soccer.

He had persisted in the most absolute irrelevance, until another penalty as controversial as the first offered France an opportunity that he did not even intuit, due to an action by Otamendi on Kolo Mouani that Mbappé converted into his first shot on goal.

Argentina and France tied 3-3 after 120 minutes, but the South Americans managed to prevail on penalties. Look at the video.

It was minute 80. In minute 81, the second, was also a goal: a volley from the corner of the area that surpassed Argentina and ‘Dibu’ Martínez. Unstoppable. Suddenly. A revolution.

And extra time, because Lloris flew at his last breath to repel Messi’s last attempt, because no one could oppose his opponent’s sudden resurrection, because football is so unpredictable that not even 80 minutes of obvious superiority are enough to feel like a champion. of the world.

Kylian Mbappé made history by scoring three goals in a World Cup final and taking the tournament goalscorer award. Look at the video.

Not even with 3-2. Not even with Messi, who clinched the goal in minute 109. Because on the other side there was an immediate response, through a penalty promoted by Kolo Muani, like the first, by the hand of Montiel and transformed by Mbappé, protagonist of a hat-trick in the final of the unknown World Cup except for Geoff Hurst, in 1966, again to discuss the triumph of Argentina, among the madness in which the game derived, with chances for both. Until the penalties. Messi’s happy ending. He already has the World Cup.

Data sheet:

3 (4) – Argentina: Emiliano Martinez; Molina (Montiel, m. 91), Romero, Otamendi, Tagliafico (Dybala, m. 120); De Paul (Paredes, m. 102), Enzo Fernández, Mac Allister (Pezzella, m. 116); Messi, Julián Álvarez (Lautaro Martínez, m. 102), Di María (Acuña, m. 64).

3 (2) – France: Lloris; Koundé, Varane (Konate, m. 113), Upamecano, Theo Hernández (Camavinga, m. 71); Tchouameni, Rabiot (Fofana, d. 86); Griezmann (Coman, m. 71); Dembele (Marcus Thuram, m. 41), Giroud (Kolo Mouani, m. 41), Mbappé.

Goals: 1-0, m. 23: Messi, penalty. 2-0, m. 35: Say Maria. 2-1, m. 80: Mbappé, penalty. 2-2, m. 81: Mbappe. 3-2, m. 109: Messi. 3-3, m. 118: Mbappé, penalty.

Penalties: 0-1: Mbappé, goal. 1-1: Messi, goal. 1-1: Eat, for ‘Dibu’ Martínez. 2-1: Dybala, goal. 2-1: Tchouameni, out. 3-1: Walls, goal. 3-2: Kolo Muani, goal. 4-2: Montiel, goal.

Referee: Szymon Marciniak (Poland). He admonished the Argentines Enzo Fernández (m. 52+), Acuña (m. 97+), Paredes (m. 114), Montiel (m. 117) and ‘Dibu’ Martínez; and the French Rabiot (m. 54), Marcus Thuram (m. 87) and Giroud (m. 93+, on the bench).

Incidents: 2022 World Cup final played at the Lusail stadium before 88,966 spectators. Full. Before the start of the match, a video was broadcast in memory of the world champions who have died since 2018. Former Spanish international player Iker Casillas offered the World Cup to the fans before the start of the match.

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