actor of ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’ goes through difficult days in the United States

One of the most recognized actors of the small screen and of the famous Colombian novel Passion of Hawks is Andrés Felipe Martínez, who played the antagonistic role of Malcolm Ríos. The actor from Cali has also participated in other well-known telenovelas such as Hidden truth, Operation Pacific Y nurses.

Currently, Martínez has been absent and has not been seen in any other production, as he is going through a hard time. After a complex economic situation in Colombia, the Colombian actor was forced to sell his belongings and move to the United States to seek a better future for their children.

The actor from Cali opened his heart and told the program The net from Caracol Televisión the journey he has had to live in Miami and why he went to work like any other migrant, despite his renowned acting career. Martínez confessed that he has had to clean houses and now works in a shipping company.

“Sometimes he asked me what I’m doing here. The lack of my children is an atrocious thing and there are moments of deep crisis, but the important thing is to fight for them,” said the actor.

Meanwhile, Martínez, 60, said that from his experience in the United States, “you suffer a lot,” but he had to make the decision to go to that place because the job he had in Colombia was not enough for him to eat. Now, with a lot of effort, the actor can save what he earns in Miami to have at least a livelihood for his children.

“I save on food because I hardly eat and I save on housing because I live with other people,” he said on the program.

Among the most difficult situations that the Colombian actor has had to experience is sleeping on the floor. “I had to sleep on the floor because I preferred to stay in a specific place and not return to my house because it cost me time and dollars,” he said.

These kinds of ups and downs have not let him down; on the contrary, they have given him the strength to carry on despite the loneliness he feels without being able to be with his children.

“When I talk to my children, I feel the greatest loneliness. That breaks my heart, makes me feel that I lack strength and makes me run out to hug them. But I know that if I do that my children are going to be left without a future and after two months we are going to starve. It’s a sacrifice,” the actor revealed.

Upon learning of this moving story, the presenters of the program were moved by the situation that the actor is experiencing and sent him a message of support and fight. “How hard, but what other show of love can there be than sacrificing for loved ones.”

Mary Méndez and Juan Carlos Giraldo kissed in ‘La red’; for many it was an “uncomfortable” moment

One of the programs that has remained on the Colombian television weekend slot for years is the entertainment and gossip format known as The net. The popularity of this proposal from the Caracol channel is not only due to the viewers, but also to the followers that they have managed to accumulate on Instagram, where they already exceed two million, just as if they were a celebrity or a national celebrity. .

Every weekend, Carlos Vargas, Mary Méndez, Frank Solano, Carlos Giraldo and Juan Carlos Giraldo are in charge of publicizing what happened and what happened in the world of entertainment.

In The net, the presenters praise, criticize and share with each other. Even when something unusual happens, due to the permanence and trajectory, on social networks the name of the TV format and of each of the hosts begins to be mentioned.

Precisely due to the popularity of the program, in the middle of the set two of its presenters punched each other in the mouth, after announcing the closeness with which some celebrities are captured by the paparazzi. In this opportunity, Mary Méndez and Juan Carlos Giraldo were the ones who starred in the scene, something that generated endless comments from netizens.

Everything was published in a video that the same format uploaded to his Instagram profile. In the audiovisual piece, the only female presenter of The netMary Méndez, expressed in the broadcast this Saturday: “See, for example, Juan Carlos Giraldo and I, look,” he said and proceeded to bring his mouth closer to that of his set partner.

Meanwhile, the well-known journalist Carlos Vargas added: “No, my love, you can see that Juan Carlos is drunk and he took to ‘partying’ with a woman… Look how he grabs Mary’s tail, see.”

After this, the two entertainment presenters kissed. For many of the followers and viewers, the tension of the moment was noted, while others commented that it was only a staging or ‘show’.

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