Accredited certification in animal welfare, a key tool to avoid heat stress in animals

INTEROVIC, PROVACCINE and the Hungarian interprofessional JTTcontinue to defend through their commitment with the animal welfare, the conditions in which the ruminants of the farms are found. For this reason, they indicate The accredited certification in animal welfare represents a key commitment in the management to control thermal stress in animals as it is based on scientific parameters and has registration systems that allow monitoring and improvement of conditions, if necessary.

Sudden temperature changes pose a risk to animal welfare As occurs in humans, both go through the same adaptation process, being vulnerable to five meteorological variables that determine comfort and the thermal environment, such as ambient temperature, solar radiation, wind speed, rainfall, and relative humidity.

Changes in behavior, energy and metabolism of animals leads to increased stress and decreased food consumption Therefore, having systems that can control the temperature and avoid sudden changes is essential if you want to guarantee the welfare of the animals.

Globally, cold storms last longer than hot storms but, although each process has its duration, it is not just about punctual corrections: the recording of continuous measurements based on scientific criteria, such as the measurement of humidity conditions, ventilation, CO level2etc, allow farmers and technicians to improve the facilities and living conditions of farm animals.

Scientific rigor and continuous monitoring to combat thermal stress

In this way, accredited certifications in animal welfare based on scientific parameters become a key management tool that can prevent thermal stress in animals.

In the case of beef cattle and sheep and goats in Spain and Hungary, a farm with accredited certification in animal welfare is obliged to keep a continuous record of more than several parameters. based on scientific criteria that contribute to monitoring the well-being of ruminants, among which are those that control the effect of temperature changes on the state of health and well-being of the animals”, he comments Thomas Rodriguezdirector of INTEROVIC.

For this reason, every day there are more farmers and farm technicians who see the big advantage that can bring them accredited certifications in animal welfare promoted by the interprofessionals PROVACUNO, INTEROVIC and JTT. On the one hand, regarding the credibility and reliability that it supposes for the consumer, since an entity accredited by ENAC is the one that guarantees the rigor of the system, and, on the other, in terms of the continuous improvements that allow monitoring, control and traceability systems on the farms themselves.

“Animal welfare is a priority for our farmers. Animal welfare is not just an ethical or empathy issue, it is a vital issue, because without animal welfare, there is no profitability”, he adds javier lopezdirector of PROVACUNO.

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