A Honduran soccer acquaintance revealed every detail of how Salvador Bilardo experienced the Qatar 2022 matches


Argentina fulfilled the dream of being crowned world champion after 36 years. And if there is someone who knows about achievements, it is Carlos Salvador Bilardo, the coach of the remembered team in Mexico 1986.

For this reason, it was not surprising that just after the match played at the Lusail stadium in Qatar, the name of Big Nose was one of the most mentioned.

“I hope you both enjoyed it, I think so”Lionel Scaloni responded at the press conference when asked about Bilardo and César Luis Menotti, the other world champion coach in Argentina in 1978.

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“I don’t think I’m at the same table, they have a career and marked an era. Today it’s worth it for people to be happy,” continued the native of Pujato, who had already celebrated the 2021 Copa América title against Brazil at the Maracana and the Finalissima against Italy at Wembley.

However, among the many mentions of the world champion coaches, there was an image that went viral: Carlos Bilardo enjoying the Argentine title in Qatar.

The exciting photo was provided by the Doctor’s own family and in it he is seen sitting in the armchair, with two images of the Virgin on the table and in front of the TyC Sports screen that shows Lionel Messi kissing the Copa del Rey in the foreground. World. A true symbol for being the trophy that Big Nose valued so much throughout his successful career.

In the sports signal itself, Lionel Scaloni was shown this image and his reaction was pure emotion. “So good so good!. An advance. He and Skinny Menotti. A grateful, we were born seeing them and I can’t imagine being there. I thank him that he is experiencing this game, an unforgettable moment, ”acknowledged the 44-year-old coach.

Weeks ago, Carlos Salvador Bilardo’s entourage had revealed how the Doctor lived the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Beyond his illness, Narigón was very aware of the Argentine team and watched the matches of the team led by Lionel Scaloni.

It was even said that he was enthusiastic about his performance, as reported in radio testimonies by Miguel Lemme, (former coach of the Marathón de Honduras) his former field assistant at Estudiantes de La Plata between 2003 and 2004, the last time Narigón led Pincha .

The collaborator had told in an interview with Radio Provincia that the former coach who knew how to be world champion in Mexico 1986 and runner-up in Italy 1990, was happy with the performance of the cast in charge of the Pujato strategist, who qualified to play the quarterfinals. end of the contest

“Bilardo watches the World Cup and is happy with the team’s performance”, Lemme had assured, who was also the team’s technical assistant between 2008 and 2009 in Diego Armando Maradona’s first year as the team’s first coach.

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Lemme is an old acquaintance of Bilardo since as a player he was champion in the Estudiantes de La Plata that was established in the 1982 Metropolitan Tournament.

Thanks to that title, the then president of the AFA, Julio Humberto Grondona, offered Carlos the position of technical director in the National Team, a position he assumed in 1983 and which he held until the final of the 1990 World Cup in Italy. At that time, he considered that a cycle had been completed and despite Grondona’s insistence, he resigned and was replaced by Alfio Basile.

Bilardo has suffered from Hakim-Adams syndrome, a neurodegenerative disease, since May 2018. At that time he had to be hospitalized urgently. Since then, he has been assisted 24 hours a day by a team of professionals.

Lemme, in addition to having worked with Bilardo, is a friend of his, and in May 2021 he revealed that the family decided not to inform him of the deaths of Diego Maradona or José Luis Brown.

“He asked me ‘where is 10?’ and I immediately replied that I didn’t know where that madman was.”Lemme reported at the time.

The Doctor also received a visit from his former managers in the Argentine team and in a recent interview with Infobae, former midfielder Ricardo Giusti indicated that “Carlos is there, in relatively good condition. He is in his apartment, accompanied. He is obviously not the same as before, he does not feel like before, but within what he had, a serious brain injury, he is fine, “he concluded.

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