50 years leaving a mark to improve the health and well-being of animals

As a priority and with increasing force, society and all the agents involved understand that the health of the planet and that of animals are closely linked to that of human beings.

According to data from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), each year there are five new human diseases and three of them have animal origin. In line, at least 75% of the pathogens responsible for infectious diseases have an animal origin and 60% of transmissible human diseases are zoonotic. These data show the close link between animal and human health, as well as with climate change and certain human behaviors that accentuate risk. In addition, it has a serious impact on world animal production, since 20% of the losses are caused by communicable diseases.

“If the animals are fine, the people will be too”

“Animal and human health are interconnected,” says the managing director of the Animal Health area at Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Spain, Elena Gratacós, in relation to the One Health approach that this company, which works in both human and in animal health. This perspective has a long history prioritizing, jointly, animal and human health to move towards global health. For this reason, celebrating 50 years of commitment to animals is “an achievement in itself and an incredible opportunity to leave a mark.”

“We strongly believe that if the animals are okay, the people will be too.” This concept refers to a global approach that seeks to increase interdisciplinary collaboration in caring for the health of people, animals and the environment. The purpose is none other than to be able to elaborate and implement policies, laws and programs for the improvement of public health. With a long journey in line with this philosophy, Boehringer Ingelheim reaffirms its long-term commitment to this concept because the challenges facing society cannot wait.

This unitary way of dealing with the well-being of animals and human beings also involves caring for the planet. Global health is the path to a future where we can have a safer and more sustainable world. To achieve this, everyone’s involvement is needed, not only through interdisciplinary work, “but also with small individual actions”.

We must advocate for sustainable development for humanity, promoting positive health that is not possible without an integrating vision that not only takes into account human health, but also animal and environmental health.

50 years leaving a mark

Boehringer Ingelheim reaffirms its commitment to One Health, a challenge that is already a priority and that requires the joint work of all the actors in society. And it does so in a very special year for the company. Because this 2022 Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Spain turns half a century.

The welfare of animals and human beings has always been linked.
The welfare of animals and human beings has always been linked.

50 years of research and development in animal health. A commitment to the sector that stems from the certainty that the health and well-being of animals enrich the health of people.

His work is not only endorsed in the continuous support to Spanish veterinarians and farmers, but also in the development of products and tools necessary to improve the health and well-being of animals.

“This commitment to innovation is, for us, a fundamental value that is still valid and based on which we work in a continuous research process that has allowed us to offer the best products to prevent, treat and cure animal diseases”, explains the managing director.

“We work in a continuous research process that allows us to offer solutions to unmet medical needs”

Half a century of commitment in Spain

Today, globally, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health is the second largest animal health business in the world thanks to its innovation in vaccines and pharmaceutical products.

With a growth of 6.8% compared to the figures of the previous year, the animal health division in Spain is one of the leading companies in both companion and production animals, being one of the main suppliers, locally and worldwide. , vaccines, antiparasitic and therapeutic.

In addition, they work in a continuous research process to offer the best products to prevent, treat and cure diseases of companion and production animals.

Another of the fundamental purposes of the company is the training of professionals and training future generations. In this way, they outline the roadmap for develop tools for monitoring, diagnosis and preventive solutions to care for and improve the health of animals.

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