World Cup scorers duel in the Qatar 2022 final

(CNN Spanish) — Five goals. Two forwards from PSG. The leader of Argentina and the leader of France. Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé will face each other in the 2022 Qatar World Cup final, being the top scorers of the tournament. It is a duel between the veteran Argentine star, the best in the world for years and who is now playing his best World Cup, and the promise of the sport who has already won a World Cup and who is for many one of the successors in the football Olympus.

Messi He reaches the world final being the complete benchmark for Argentina. Scored a penalty goal in the loss against Saudi Arabia, scored a goal and assist in the win over Mexico, scored a goal in the win over Australia in the round of 16, scored a penalty goal and an assist in the tie with the Netherlands in the quarterfinals, and scored a penalty goal and wonderful assist in the win over Croatia in the semi-final. A goal making machine. In this World Cup he stands out for the first time he scored in the final phases.

With three assists, he leads the goal assist table along with Antoine Griezmann.

Messi is, then, the leader in participation in goals: behind his feet 8 scores were achieved.

The Argentine has played 648 minutes, all the games plus extra times in the quarterfinals, and has received a yellow card. Messi has made 28 shots (the leader of the entire World Cup).

mbappeFor his part, he is in the Qatar 2022 final as France’s top scorer and a powerhouse on the field. Goal and assist in the win against Australia, brace in the win over Denmark, brace and assist in the win over Poland in the round of 16. In the quarterfinals and semifinals he did not score, but he contributed to the plays that ended in goals.

The Frenchman has played 549 minutes in 6 games, all played. He has not received cards and has made 24 shots.

Mbappé has been directly involved in 7 goals.

In goal participation, Messi surpasses the French. In addition, he passes the ball better, he has more than 100 correct passes than Mbappé.

At 35 years old and in his fifth World Cup, it can be said without a doubt that Messi is playing as well as ever, or even better than ever. Mbappé, at 23 years old, already demonstrated his worth in Russia 2018, he is in a splendid present and has a whole career ahead of him.

Mbappé has a World Cup title to his credit, Messi does not.

Messi wants to end his career on a high with the only title he is missing (which would leave him as the best footballer in history). Mbappé wants to consolidate his in legend mode, as Pelé did 60 years ago when he won his second World Cup and on his way to the third.

Olivier Giroud from France and Julián Álvarez from Argentina are Messi’s and Mbappé’s escorts in the scorers’ table, with 4 goals. The final will undoubtedly be a duel of the titans.

For now, this is how the two biggest giants of this World Cup are compared: the eternal Lionel and the great Kylian.

With information from Sebastián Jiménez Valencia.

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