Venezuelan jurists asked the US Justice to continue the process against Alex Saab

Colombian businessman Alex Saab, figurehead for Nicolás Maduro
Colombian businessman Alex Saab, figurehead for Nicolás Maduro

The self-styled Legitimate Supreme Court of Justice from Venezuelamade up of TSJ judges who once went into exile, addressed the judge in the case of the Chavista businessman alex saab in the US to “clarify” that, in his opinion, the defendant is not legally Venezuelan and neither is he a diplomat.

“The truth is that the citizen Alex Saab does not hold a diplomatic position, according to the laws of Venezuela and International Conventions in consular matters, in the case of a Colombian citizen who has contracts with Nicolas Maduro Moros and his family”, says the legitimate TSJ in a letter Judge Robert N. Scola.

In the letter, to which EFE had access, Antonio José Marval Jiménez and Pedro Troconis Da Silva, who present themselves as president and first vice president of the legitimate TSJwhich does not recognize Maduro as president of Venezuela and even in 2018 convicted him of corruption and politically disqualified him, they “respectfully” address Scola.

Its objective – they say – is “to clarify the alleged manipulations carried out by the dictatorial regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros and his representatives in defense of Alex Saab.”

Saab was extradited to Miami in October 2021 from Cape Verde, where he was detained at the request of the United States, which accuses him of money laundering.

Saab’s lawyers, hired by the Venezuelan regime, allege that his arrest and criminal proceedings in the US are illegal since the Colombian-born businessman has diplomatic rank and therefore enjoys immunity, something denied by the Prosecutor’s Office, which represents the Government of USA.

Saab was extradited to Miami in October 2021
Saab was extradited to Miami in October 2021

The process that is followed by Saab in the federal courts of Miami is currently focused on elucidating this issue, since the Court of Appeals to which the businessman resorted to have diplomatic status recognized left the matter in the hands of Scola.

“It is absolutely uncertain that it is affirmed that the citizen Alex Saab is a diplomatic official on commission or in a career,” says Marval before presenting the legal arguments that support his opinion.

“This legitimate institution of Venezuela – it says – ignores the alleged imposition of diplomatic immunity and the Venezuelan nationality of said citizen, for not complying with the legal procedure established in the current Nationality and Citizenship Law.”

According to the letter, there is no Charter of Nature published in the Official Gazette of the Republic, Saab is not registered in the Civil Registry (article 11.3, 31 and 31), he has not had an uninterrupted residence of ten or five years in Venezuela (article 21.1) and has followed the naturalization procedure of a body competent in matters of nationality and citizenship (article 3).

“Not being a Venezuelan citizen, Alex Saab can less expect recognition of a status as a diplomat from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” underlines the legitimate TSJ.

Marval stresses that Saab has alleged that Venezuelan nationality was “granted to him by Nicolás Maduro as a reward for his services,” and that his job in Venezuela has been “to negotiate with foreign governments and private companies to create new channels to obtain and deliver the very in need of food, basic medicines and spare parts necessary for the oil industry”.

In the opinion of the TSJ, with these arguments “the dictatorial regime of Nicolás Maduro Moros and his representatives in defense of Alex Saab are trying to achieve a political safe-conduct for a matter that falls within the strict jurisdiction of criminal justice.”

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