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After the rumors of separation between Gerard Piqué and girlfriend, Clara Chia Martithe couple was shown together in public again, and they even celebrated their first wedding anniversary, and in this way deny the rumors of breakup.

This is what he assured journalist jordi martinwho captured the couple at their celebration, where they did not celebrate alone, but with their friends from Kosmosthe soccer player’s company related to the communications Y entertainmentas reported by Time X.

The change of look of Clara Chía, girlfriend of Gerard Piqué

According to the Terra web portal, beyond their celebration as a couple, Clara Chía attracted attention for some new Photographs that reflect a great physical change in her, and many assure that she underwent a plastic surgerywhich Piqué himself would have paid.

The video of Clara Chía walking in the room of Piqué’s apartment: the images are from 2021 and confirm that they already had “confidence” while the footballer was still living with Shakira

The 23-year-old looked very changed in her last appearance with the former FC Barcelona footballer, just on their anniversary as a couple.

In the image, Clara is seen with her hair up, and some locks on the sides of her face, with a scarf and a black look. In addition to this, her face looks somewhat different from how it looked before, so they assure that she underwent a surgeryand that is why they were missing for several days.

Another difference is that she has straight hair, for the first time, so they say that she looks much better with her new look and that it definitely “improved”.

“Wow, Clarita was made, she looks prettier”, “something had to be done to her face because she looks different”, “how pretty she looks, she has improved a lot”, “now Clara does look pretty, not like Shakira , but it is more fixed”, “Of course he had surgery, that’s why he did not appear for so many days”, were some of the reactions in social media.

The physical appearance of Clara Chía a few months ago

It should be remembered that Piqué’s girlfriend received a lot of criticism on the networks and some media for the simplicity of the dress she wore a few months ago when she accompanied Gerard to a friend’s wedding, where she wore a maxi dress with multicolored vertical stripes.

“She is more understanding and does not act like a diva”: Clara Chía’s best friend reveals why Gerard Piqué left Shakira and was captivated by his young girlfriend

“The girl is not ugly, but she is very strange and scruffy. If that is an event, she is very poorly dressed and out of tune with it”, “What she is wearing is an awning”, “Hahaha she put on the grated circus tent” and “The girl is very disheveled and her face is emaciated, If she is not pregnant, she is paunchy ”, were some of the comments at that time. (AND)

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