“There are French who want Argentina to win” Halftime

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Didier DeschampsFrance coach, referred to the enormous support that has received Argentine national team in this World Cup and not only by Argentine fans, as it has also had the support of fans from other latitudesas of the India, Bangladesh, Japan and other countries.

The French technical director assured that even knows some French that they would like or want Lionel Messi and the Albiceleste Lift the world Cup tomorrow Sunday on the court Lusail Stadium.

“I don’t care about that solidarity or support. They are situations that arise that we cannot do anything. I know even some French want Argentina to win, but we are going to strive so that we win it. We have to do our best to adapt. Stay calm and our goal is to win it and raise our heads”, he pointed out.

In a press conference prior to the duel against Argentina, the strategist spoke about theor what awaits tomorrow in the stands of the Lusail Stadiumwhere he said there will be a majority of fans supporting the Albiceleste team, which, like France, is looking for its third title.

The Argentine National Team has enormous support. It is something very valuable, they have a strong presence and it will be noticed in the stadium. Most will be Argentines or they will be fans of other countries who defend the Argentine colors. In any case it will be a festive atmosphere. Our rival will not be in the stands but on the field”, he added.

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