The record that not even Messi knows he is about to achieve

Lionel Messi He is close to becoming the footballer with the most games won in the history of the World Cup. A milestone that would come hand in hand with his greatest successes, since beating France would lift the world champion trophy.

Messi has 16 victories in 25 games in the history of the World Cups. With a win against the Frenchmen, he will match the German’s mark Miroslav Klosewho won 17 games out of the 24 he played.

Both have other important marks in the World Cup. Klose is the top scorer with 16 goals, while Messi is the player with the most games played, with 25 appearances, a record that, for now, he shares with the German Lothar Matthaus.

Messi made his debut in Germany 2006, where he won two games out of three, in South Africa 2010 he celebrated four out of five, in Brazil 2014 he completed five celebrations in seven games, in Russia 2018 he only won one out of four, while now he has accumulated four wins in six games .

In the case of Klose, he won five out of seven games in the 2002 and 2006 World Cups, while in 2010 he celebrated three out of five and in Brazil 2014, where he ended up turning around the Olympics, he won four out of five.

Most games won in the World Cup

The surprising numbers are those of the Brazilians Cafu and Ronaldo. The right-back won 16 of the 20 games he played in World Cups, while the ‘Phenomenon’ had 15 victories in 19 duels.

Both players lost only three games and they were the same: 2-1 with Norway in the last group stage match in France 1998, the final against the Gauls 3-0 in that same World Cup and the 1-0 loss against their own French in the quarterfinals of Germany 2006.

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