The PROMISE that Ben Affleck broke and that puts his marriage with Jennifer López at RISK

When it was announced marriage Come in Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck everything was going smoothly, because the actors were in the honeymoon phase, where everything is love. However, as time went by, certain situations arose between the two that generated a bit of tension, one of which has to do with the bad habits of the protagonist of ‘Batman’, which he is resuming again and with which It is said that broke the promise that he had with JLo to improve.

After the Diva from the Bronx and Aflfleck said yes in front of their families and friends, regarding the marriage Some rumors began to circulate in which it was said that the actress wanted to control everything that Jennifer Garner did, both her way of dressing and her habits. Around this, it came to light that she Jennifer Lopez it bothered him a lot that Ben Affleck smoke, which for the actor this was like a vice forbidden.

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