The foods that you should include in your children’s diet to combat the cold

The drop in temperatures brings with it a period of concentration of respiratory diseases, mainly colds and flu. This happens for several reasons. On the one hand, in order to keep the vital organs warm, the cold causes blood flow in the extremities to decrease and this means a greater effort by the body to maintain its internal temperature, weakening the defenses in charge of fighting diseases.

Secondly, cold environments are the perfect ally for the proliferation of respiratory viruses such as the common cold. If we add to all this that in cool times we spend much more time in closed spaces, the chances of contagion between people are further increased.

Elena Toledano, nutritionist of the team of Roots Mindfoodnessexplains which foods can help care for and protect the immune system against the cold and help shield it against pathogenic attacks that attack low temperatures.

Although it is true, this expert acknowledges, that there is no ideal diet or diet to improve the immune system and fight the cold, “it has been seen that following an adequate and sufficient diet helps strengthen the immune system that protects us from bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic organisms common in times of low temperatures.

In fact, recalls Toledano, “there are many studies that show that a diet that is not only of quality but sufficient, strengthens the immune system«. Likewise, continues this expert, »a low-fat diet also favors the health of the immune system. But not only the quantity is important, but also the quality of these fats. For this reason, it is advisable to include foods with omega 3 such as oily fish, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, seeds, avocado and eggs in the diet of minors, to ensure a balanced intake of different essential fats for health“.

On the other hand, suggests this nutritionist, “a regular consumption of fermented dairy such as yogurt or kefir also contributes to increasing the immune defenses of children at home. There are studies that show that those who consume these foods on a regular basis have a better state of the immune system as well as greater resistance to food poisoning in the little ones“.

Fruits and vegetables, Toledano insists, “make up the two food groups that most protect us from attacks on our body because they are rich in vitamins, antioxidant minerals, fiber and water. Make sure that your little one eats, at least, 5 servings a day between fruit and vegetables. If it is more, better than better«.

What should we avoid? «The daily consumption of foods rich in simple sugars, such as sugar, jam, honey, fruit juices, pastries, cookies…; fats, industrial saturated fats: pastries, pre-cooked foods, the ‘fast food’…; excess processed meat (sausages, fuet, sausage, chorizo…). All these groups act as pro-inflammatory and favor a worsening of the defenses of our little ones (and ours)”, he points out.

In fact, Toledano also remarks that “it is It is advisable to avoid stress Because, although it may not seem like it, little ones can also experience emotions that are difficult to manage as they grow up; avoid inappropriate and radical diets, without prohibiting foods or categorizing them as good or bad, maintain an adequate rest of at least 8-9 hours and keep them active by doing physical activity daily, especially with strength training!«.

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