The food that Clara Chía STEALED from Shakira and was KEY to discovering Gerard Piqué’s infidelity

It seems that the details regarding the separation of Shakira Y Gerard Piqué They do not end up coming to light at all, and it was the Colombian who revealed a situation that left everyone speechless, because it is about how she found out about the disloyalty of the former soccer player. According to the interpreter of “I congratulate you” she realized that Clara Chia Marti you stole a meal very special from your refrigerator Housewhich was a clue for discover the infidelity of the former footballer

The Colombian recently offered an interview for the British channel ITV, in this talk Shakira He has opened up a little more because he dared to reveal some more details of his separation with gerard Pique. In this conversation that she had with said channel, the singer told how she found out about the infidelity from Catalan, because according to the Barranquillera, the meal from his House it was a piece clue for discover that there was a third party in discord in their relationship, Clara Chia Marti.

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