The decision in the Argentine National Team that reunites Kun Agüero and Messi

Looking for the whole group to be united, Sergio Agüero joined the squad and is going to sleep in the room with Lionel Messi.

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The Argentine National Team will play the final of Qatar World Cup 2022. The team is one more step away from maximum glory, so it requires any type of motivation to try to keep the chance quota to a minimum. A few days from Sunday, in the delegation it was decided to open the doors to those who knew how to integrate the group throughout the process. One is Sergio Aguerowho will meet again Lionel Messi.

Yes, Kun Agüero stayed in the concentration of the Argentine National Team ahead of the final Sunday at 12 (Argentine time) against France. The AFA and the whole team decided to invite him to to stay as one more playerthe one that knew how to be so long but that he had to leave due to the heart problems detected.

Agüero not only joins the concentration, but also He returns to share a room with his great friend, Leo Messi, as they did for many years in the National Team. In addition, Kun was present at the training session this Thursday and scored a great goal.

Otamendi shared Kun Agüero’s great goal in the National Team’s training


Otamendi shared Kun Agüero's great goal in the National Team's training

Giovani Lo Celso, Nicolás González and Joaquín Correa travel to the Qatar 2022 World Cup

As we said, not only the Kun added to the concentration. So did the three footballers who were left out of the World Cup at the last minute due to injury, but they were an important part of the process. The Argentine Football Association (AFA) invited gonzalez Y Belt to travel and so along with the celsowho is already in Doha, the campus will be complete. Gio was already in Qatar and participated in the festivities after qualifying for the final.

Argentina team vs. Croatia: the players keep singing


Argentina team vs.  Croatia: the players keep singing

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