The best memes of Argentina vs. France in the Qatar 2022 Final Halftime

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Argentina is World Championthe tale story of Lionel Messi had a happy ending in Qatar 2022 lifting the highest soccer trophy 36 years after Diego Maradona did it, but the memes of the Grand Final accuse “theft” and shameless help to the Albiceleste in the match against France.

In every great event there is memes and could not be the exception with the Qatar 2022 Finalin which the Argentines won their third World Cup in a game that they seemed to have controlled, but France appeared with Mbappé to tie it in regulation time and then in extra time, sending the duel to penalties.

A Final that can already be considered the best in the history of the World Cups with the enormous performance of Mbappé with a hat-trick, Messi’s double and the coronation on penalties, but memes claim that Argentina “stole” the Cup thanks to Polish arbitration.

World Cup Champion Argentina Memes

Although millions of people in Argentina and around the world celebrate that Messi won the Cup that was missing in his enormous career, the truth is that the memes tear arbitration and the Albiceleste to pieces for winning with “invented penalties”leaving his feat marked for life.

Of the referees, of the VAR and even of Club América there is Argentina champion memesthat’s why we share the best ones for you to enjoy the occurrences on social networks.

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