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One of the most curious images of the match between Portugal and South Korea in the group stage of the World Cup, was carried out by Georgina Rodriguez.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner went to cheer on the Portugal team in the company of relatives and friends, and there he had a meeting with Wench bint Nasser al-Missnedformer sheikh of Qatar.

This woman It is considered one of the most powerful and elegant in the world. She married the Qatari sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani more than 40 years ago in an arrangement to achieve peace between the two powerful families that the future emir needed to govern, as reported by Hola! Magazine.

This is Moza bin Nasser, former Sheikha of Qatar

According to the Terra web portal, the story of Moza bint Nasser seems to be taken from a movie, and it is that both in what political like in the fashionis considered the “most elegant woman in the world”, a fact that although it seems trivial, is quite a declaration of revolution in her country.

This is how careful the wives of soccer players in Qatar must be: they cannot wear clothes that show their shoulders, or miniskirts or kiss in public

Moza is the daughter of a government dissident who left his family in exile and returned to his country of origin to study sociology. She married the son of the man who had her father arrested and rose to the main halls of power, helping her husband and son through two palace coups.

She is the sheikh’s second wife and his favourite, the mother of his heir, and was the first Qatari woman to appear as “first lady”. She has obvious power in her country and always comes out before the media accompanying the emir and speaking as equals to kings and queens.

In fact, there are those who say that she is the true ruler of Qatar, but in a country steeped in centuries of traditionsno one dares to say it out loud.

The influence of Moza bin Nasser in his native country

At 63 years old, the international press Moza bin is considered the face of modernism in Qatar and there are many articles about how her style and taste for fashion is making its mark on the society qatari

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In her country, women always thank her for the doors she opened to men. female rights. In a recent interview for him Program brazilian “Globe Reporter”, Qatar’s first trader, shams al-qassabihighlighted how it was the support of Moza bint Nasser that allowed her spice shop to stay open.

“Nobody wanted to rent me a store to sell spices. I suffered a lot, and that only changed in the 1980s, when Sheikha Moza started lowering the barriers for women,” Al-Qassabi said.

The media also highlights that Moza bin could be behind her family’s immense fortune. For example, all experts in finance pointed out that it was the sheikha who was behind the Mayhoola for Investmentsthe Qatari investment fund that bought Balmain.

The influence of Moza bint Nasser was recognized even by the forbes magazinewhich in 2010 ranked her 74th among the hundred most powerful women internationally. (AND)

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