Reveal details about the death of tWitch, DJ who worked with Ellen Degeneres

Two days after Stephen t Witch Bossthe DJ and dancer who was part of the television show of comedian Ellen DeGeneres, died: as sources reported that he took his life in a California motel, now it comes to light that the talent would have left a posthumous letter.

Los Angeles County authorities told the press that they had found messages from the famous in which he detailed some problems from his past, according to “TMZ”.

However, his widow Allison Holker Boss has not confirmed the version.

Despite what was said by the security body, they did not give more details about the letter, even so far its content is unknown.

After his death, speculation began about the reasons that led him to make the fatal decision, since they mentioned that it would have been due to money problems after the end of the show.

The portal reported that both he and Allison actually had projects on the horizon for the following year, so the assumptions would not be true.

Investigators added this Friday, December 16, that the dancer took an Uber to the motel that was a short distance from his house, turned off his cell phone and shot himself in the head.

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