Qatar World Cup 2022: Karim Benzema and Didier Deschamps, a broken relationship in France | World Cup Qatar 2022

The French team reached the final of the 2022 Qatar World Cup where they will face Argentina in this instance that will give the title. Both the French and the Argentines will look for their third stars in the history of the World Cups to embroider on their shirts and Didier Deschamps only has the head to talk about what the game will be. Something that seriously bothered Karim Benzema, who could still be in that match if his coach wishes.

Talking about the current Ballon d’Or in World Cups would be talking about a negative story. Karim Benzema has only been able to be in the World Cup in Brazil where they were eliminated by Germany in the quarterfinals. Then the veto came and when he was waiting to be considered for Qatar, he was injured. However, was she bad enough not to be able to at least be with his companions?

Surely Real Madrid would not have put buts if Karim Benzema stayed with the French delegation in Qatar, because as summoned and without replacement, the French striker could have been in Qatari lands and even play if he recovered. In addition, in the event that France is champion, they could give him a medal and he could lift the Cup.

While Didier Deschamps lowered questions about Karim Benzema in press conferences, the striker does the same and is focused solely on Real Madrid. Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, asked that Benzema be with the French delegation, but Karim mentioned, “that doesn’t interest me” in a last Instagram post.

Karim Benzema’s muscle injury has already been resolved, in fact, he already saw minutes in the preseason to arrive with activity to face the return of LaLiga. He played as captain in the friendly against Leganés that was 1-1. The evidence is that Karim could have been with the French team, but Didier Deschamps never included it, not even in his answers. A broken relationship, and a war that broke out between the two actors. One only thinks about being a world champion, the other doesn’t care about the World Cup, where he sees himself betrayed by the coach.

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