PHOTO: Sugey Ábrego celebrates three-time Argentine championship in lingerie

Sugey Abrego, The famous model and influencer has captured all eyes on social networks in the last few hours, as she surprised her thousands of admirers by appearing with a new and impressive soccer look.

the famous “VIP Queen” she was left with hundreds of compliments from her fans, with which we can confirm that she is considered one of the most beautiful and sensual women of all show business in Mexico.

Taking advantage of the Argentina managed to win their third FIFA World Cup, This outfit that is very appropriate to celebrate the conquest of South American soccer players.

Without a doubt, Sugey’s sensuality at 43 years old is incredible, because on the Instagram social network, we were able to see a publication in which she is seen surrounded by soccer balls while posing in white lingerie, red stockings, and without a bra.

The photograph accompanied her with the phrasee “The grand finale has arrived! Is the cup going to Latin America or Europe?”

Sugey Abrego. Photo: Special.

This is what you should know about Sugey Ábrego

throughout his career Sugey Abrego It has been characterized by having a very good acceptance of thousands of people, who consider it one of the best hosts on Mexican television.

Her career began at the Center for Artistic Education, then she took classical dance courses at the National Center for the Arts.

Subsequently, she began her professional career in 2003 by participating in the series “Mujer, casos de la vida real”, as well as in the soap operas “Piel de otoño” and “Clase 406”. In 2004 she began to participate in the presentation of telegames on various open television channels.

In that same year he got his first opportunity in theater, with the musical “Amor sin barreras”, starring Bibi Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo.


Sugey Ábrego, more beautiful than ever, paralyzes the network with an impressive change of look

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