“Petro is an appendage of drug trafficking”

Last Friday, December 16, from the municipality of El Tarra, Norte de Santander, the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, announced that he will continue to allow coca leaf cultivation as long as the substitution policy works and is manage to transition, definitively, to a legal harvest option.

The announcement triggered criticism among the opposition. Even, the former president of the Republic, Andrés Pastrana, joined the rain of comments and, through his Twitter account, attacked the head of state.

“It was clear from the campaign: Petro is an appendage of drug trafficking,” Pastrana trilled while sharing a publication from WEEK regarding the topic in question.

Gustavo Petro and Andrés Pastrana have shown that they are on different shores when addressing social, economic and political issues. In recent days, for example, the former president also announced his rejection of the president’s pronouncements in support of the dismissed Pedro Castillo of Peru.

Once the outcome of the political novel was known, Petro, through his Twitter account, asked the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) “to apply the American Convention on Human Rights and issue precautionary measures in favor of the president of Peru Peter Castillo. He has violated the right to elect and be elected and to have an independent judging court”.

But Pastrana strongly criticized him. explaining that the rights of Peruvian democracy are prevalent over the political rights of Pedro Castillo.

“President Petro, the American Convention on Human Rights is here to protect human rights and democracy, not to defend coup leaders and leftist dictators,” he trilled at the time.

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