Orbelín Pineda breaks the silence, what he thinks of Martino now that he is not DT del Tri

Orbelin Pineda and Tata Martino
Orbelin Pineda and Tata Martino

After the failure obtained by the Mexican team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, both players and coaching staff chose to remain silent before the media, as there was a very tense atmosphere in the Tri environment.

Now that the World Cup is about to come to an end, little by little the players have begun to show their faces for what happened in Qatar and one of those who already spoke and did so in an important way was Orbelin Pineda that nothing was saved until Tata Martino gave his opinion.

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Pineda was one of those who treated Tata Martino unfairly in El Tri, as he only gave him minutes in the last game against Arabia, where he showed that he was ready to start the team and that with him on the pitch, things would probably have been different. .

Orbelín uncovers the truth about Martino.

Despite the fact that Martino had him warming up the bench for 2 games in the World Cup, Orbelín, like most of the players of the Tri They continue to defend Tata Martino and they remove the responsibility for the failure from the Argentine DT and on the contrary, Pineda mentions that the players were the ones left behind in the World Cup.

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