Not even Messi dared to do so much, what Mbappé said about Mexico and generates controversy in Qatar

Mbappé and what he said about Mexico sparked controversy in Qatar
Mbappé and what he said about Mexico sparked controversy in Qatar

The striker of the French team Kylian Mbappé will play the World Cup final between Argentina and France amid the controversy over his statements against Latin American football, where Mexico would be included.

Mbappé before the World Cup in Qatar 2022 assured that football on the American continent cannot be compared with European football, since they consider that Latin American football is very limited now that it will play the final against Argentina, the representative of the continent, the controversy ignites.

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Although Lionel Messi within the controversies of the Qatar 2022 World Cup also made a mistake when stepping on the Mexican shirt, in his interviews he commented that he respects Mexican soccer but that he will not apologize because he did not commit any crime after inadvertently touching the shirt he gave him Andres Saved.

Messi vs Mbappé Who is better?

One of the big doubts in the individual part would be resolved after the World Cup final in Qatar between France and Argentina, especially because it could define who could be better between Messi and Mbappé. According to analyst David Faitelson, the Argentine far surpasses the French in the individual.

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