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Boston Red Sox are going through an awkward time right now, with their few moves in free agency, the team remains in doubt about their financial status, and so far it is presumed that the team can’t keep the contract of some of their players, or even worse, keep their most important figures, such as Xander Bogaerts, and now they are also in trouble with Rafael Devers, but Eric Hosmer is also involved.

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According to international media, the team would have designated the veteran player for assignment, who may be at the service of other teams. It seems the Red Sox are saving as much money as possible to add other performance-enhancing pieces to the team.

The first baseman saw action in 14 games with the Boston Red Sox last season, when they acquired him from the San Diego Padres, but now the team does not seem to be interested in renewing his contract and that is why they sent him to the list assignment.

In the past course he left a batting average of .244 with four RBIs, said performance prevented the Red Sox from losing interest, and now they are looking to add other figures and avoid getting stuck in the negotiations.

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