Metro collapses in Qatar and parents fear for the safety of their children and family; thousands of fans want to be in Lusail

There was a moment when security was exceeded and the cries about a terrible organization began to be present

DOHA — The Doha metro collapsed and at times endangered dozens of fans who attended the Lusail Stadium for the end of the Qatar World Cup 2022. The cries of despair did not wait in the safety of public transport, since there was a moment in which chaos took over the place before the thousands of fans and citizens who sought to board the train heading to the lusail station.

Move… move… move…”, shouted desperate subway security employees in the middle of the people who threw themselves to reach a place on the train that was stuck. “Watch out for my children… Watch out for my children…”, could be heard from an Argentine who entered the carriage while people crowded around to take seats. The same scene was repeated on several stations.

There was a moment when security was overwhelmed and the cries about a terrible organization began to be present, while security rudely said that they would not give special protection to anyone, because everyone had to respect the rules of letting people out and then boarding the subway, however, that did not happen, because the doors barely opened and the jostling, shouting, and chaos began immediately.

Right at the end station of lusail human rivers prevented people from taking escalators. With a weary step, people advanced, but there were moments when they stopped, which caused the tumult to become dangerous since some people collided with the security tubes.

The chaos became more acute because due to the air show for Qatar National Day, many spectators stopped at the exit of the metro to record video, which made the blockage complicate the influx of people. That meant that security opened a space for the elderly, people with physical limitations and people in wheelchairs, but they prevented the children from passing, which caused the anger of the parents who shouted that it was very dangerous because their children could be hurt, a demand that the police ignored.

The problem dissipated when the individuals walked onto the stage, as the divisions were clearer. The media were separated from the people so as not to hinder the flow, so they were sent out the other way without any major conflict, however, the people left upset because they considered that logistics should have been handled better, since at less in the subway people suffered more due to the number of people who headed towards the Lusail Stadium.

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