Messi replicated the photo of Maradona celebrating with the World CupHalf time

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One day before the Qatar 2022 Grand Final, Jorge Valdano, former Argentine player who was crowned in Mexico 86assured that it is almost impossible to stop compare Lionel Messi with Diego Armando Maradonasince La Pulga whenever he could, performed a genius that was comparable to those of Pelusa.

The statements of Jorge Valdano

“It would be a good idea (to stop comparing them), but Messi doesn’t help. The other day in ten seconds made a work of art which is perfectly comparable to the work of art that he made Diego versus England“, said.

And like the voice of a prophet, Leo had a magical night against the Gauls, where he scored two goals and was effective in the penalty shootoutwhich greatly helped the Albiceleste to embroider the third star on their shield.

And as if it were a decal, Messi was lifted on shoulders while carrying the World Cup, which generated pleasant memories among soccer fans, since on the field of the Azteca Stadium Maradona lived the same.

Messi’s celebration with the World Cup

What did Messi do in the Qatar 2022 Final?

In what is already being considered the best World Cup Final in its entire historyLionel Messi was the Argentine enginegiven that scored a couple of goals: the first from a penalty and the second after taking advantage of a rebound in overtime.

Already in the penaltiesLa Pulga took responsibility for shooting the first for the Albiceleste and made it effective. In the end his selection was crowned and he was named as the Ballon d’Or for Qatar 2022. In addition, he stayed a bit away from being a scoring champion.

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