Karim Benzema will receive a medal in case France wins

The Real Madrid striker will be world champion if France beats Argentina in the Qatar 2022 final

The French striker Karim Benzema will receive a champion’s medal in the event that the gala team defeats Argentina next Sunday in the final of the World Cup Qatar 2022.

The current Ballon d’Or winner was called up to the World Cup, but an injury to his left thigh on November 19 caused him to leave his team and have no activity during the tournament. Despite this situation, the 34-year-old footballer was never removed from the list directed by coach Didier Deschamps.

“Blow to the quadriceps of the left thigh, Karim Benzema. He is forced to give up participating in the world Cup“.

“The whole team shares the sadness of Karim and wishes him a speedy recovery,” the French Federation wrote in a statement on social media.

Karim Benzema He felt severe muscle pain in his left leg, in a different area from the one that had been bothering him in recent weeks and which had caused him not to train with the rest of the team.

The footballer separated from the national team and reported to Real Madrid for his recovery, the same as he achieved a few days ago.

The technician of FranceDidier Deschamps, was visibly upset with the question about the possible return of Karim Benzema to the team for the final of world from Qatar against Argentina: “I am not going to answer, next question”.

Deschamps decided not to call anyone in his place, so FIFA clarified that, officially, he is part of the French list of 26 players and could return to the concentration and play.

The French striker, who missed the world due to injury, you have permission from Real Madrid if you wish to travel to Qatar to witness the final of the world Cup next Sunday between Argentina and France.

As reported by the Spanish sports newspaper ACEthe final decision will be Benzema since from Madrid they will not object since the striker continues to be part of the French list of 26 footballers authorized to play the world Cup.

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