James Cameron prepares scientific documentary to prove that Jack could not survive on Titanic

James Cameron prepares scientific documentary to prove that Jack could not survive on Titanic

James Cameron prepares scientific documentary to prove that Jack could not survive on Titanic

James Cameron is one of the most acclaimed filmmakers from the eighties to the present. If something has identified him, it is the versatility in his stories, going from high-impact science fiction like Terminator (100%), followed by one of the most recognized romances like Titanic (88%), and even space adventures that combine action, drama and romance like Avatar (83%). If his name weren’t so well known, it would be really hard to think that all three films are directed by the same man.

His career has been based on pure successes and a couple of setbacks that went somewhat unnoticed such as Pirañas: El Regreso (7%) where he was a screenwriter. But if anything has really stood out in the director’s career, it’s one of the biggest controversies in movie history, and it’s not about something tragic or negative, but about a creative decision that has become a favorite debate among moviegoers. for 25 years.

The question is could Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack have fit in the floating doorway next to Kate Winslet’s Rose? Many theories have arisen in all this time, viewers have made their own tests where they “prove” that there was enough space for two, but still few consider other important points such as that they are floating in the sea, where the water is at 28°F, which in Celsius would be around -2°.

In 2013 the program Myth Busters He had Cameron as a special guest where he asked them to show that it was impossible for Jack to survive. With several calculations and taking into account the density and temperature of the water, the presenters concluded that it was possible, but this was after many failed attempts and techniques that the character would not have had time to perform.

That is why Cameron is preparing his own investigation that will arrive in documentary format next year. In a conversation with Postmedia spoke about it.

We’ve done a thorough forensic analysis with a hypothermia expert who reproduced the raft from the movie and we’re going to do a little special that will be released in February. We took two specialists who had the same body mass as Kate and Leo and we put sensors all over and in them and put them in ice cold water and tested to see if they could have survived through a variety of methods and the answer was , there was no way that both of them could have survived. Only one could survive.

Over the years, the director has taken quite humorously to the way audiences are obsessed with the subject, and one of his most common and logical responses to that highly controversial creative decision is that narratively it was what he needed. He has mentioned that the movie is about love and sacrifice, and that’s why it had to end with the co-star dead. He has even compared it to the story of Romeo and Juliet.

It’s easy to say that Romeo might not have taken the poison instantly and waited for Juliet to wake up, but it wouldn’t have had the same emotional impact or even been as consequential as it is now. Jack needed to die one way or another for the tape to be meaningful. The filmmaker has also mentioned that perhaps his mistake was not making the space smaller so that there would be no doubts.


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