“It was not a penalty”, Ramos Rizo calls the VAR “inoperative” with the singer! Halftime

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The controversy is unleashed after the penalty that was marked in favor of the Argentine National Team on the World Cup Final. Social networks were immediately filled with comments against the referee for a very dubious play. Among those voices is Mexican former referee, Felipe Ramos Rizowhich he assured should not have been marked.

The controversial play in France vs Argentina

From his perspective, the play in which angel di maria falls to the grass after contact Koundé at minute 21, it was not punishable as a foul inside the area.

In fact, for the former central judge, the VAR is even more responsible on this play because they saw it and didn’t tell the referee Szymon Marciniak.

“The inoperative VAR”, wrote Ramos Rizo about the controversial play that ended with a goal from Lionel Messi.

A Mexican was in the VAR

In the VAR is the Mexican referee, Fernando Guerrerowho is summoned as support in the video arbitration, although no one on the team saw an error by the Polish whistler.

The replicates showed that there is a contact, although it is difficult to specify if it should be marked as a foul and therefore, it had to be analyzed with technology to determine if it was a penalty. For now, people who are not from Argentina or France They consider that it was not criminal.

What did Felipe Ramos say about Messi’s penalty?

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